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Buy The Book - American Founders, A Historic Adventure
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American Founders: How People of African Descent Established Freedom in the New World (NewSouth Books, 2019). By Christina Proenza-Coles  ISBN 978-1-58838-331-0


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American Founders:

How People of
African Descent
Established Freedom
in the New World

American Founders reveals men and women of African descent as key protagonists in the story of American democracy.  It chronicles how black people developed and defended New World settlements, undermined slavery, and championed freedom throughout the hemisphere from the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries.

While conventional history tends to reduce the roles of African Americans to antebellum slavery and the civil rights movement, in reality African residents preceded the English by a century and arrived in the Americas in numbers that far exceeded European migrants up until 1820.  Afro-Americans were omnipresent in the founding and advancement of the Americas, and outnumbered Europeans at many times and places, from colonial Peru to antebellum Virginia. African-descended people contributed to every facet of American history as explorers, conquistadores, settlers, soldiers, sailors, servants, slaves, rebels, leaders, lawyers, litigants, laborers, artisans, artists, activists, translators, teachers, doctors, nurses, inventors, investors, merchants, mathematicians, scientists, scholars, engineers, entrepreneurs, generals, cowboys, pirates, professors, politicians, priests, poets, and presidents.  The multitude of events and mixed-race individuals included underscore the fact that black and white Americans share the same history, and in many cases, the same ancestry.  American Founders is meant to celebrate this shared heritage and strengthen these bonds.  


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